Front Porch Updates – ROI On Your Short Term Rental

When you decided to invest in a property, whether it be for a short term rental like we do with our friends at or a more traditional rental unit, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your money as far as doing upgrades. You obviously want the property to be as marketable as possible, but at the same time, you can’t sink a ton of money into each project and still expect to have a positive cash flow. One of the projects we found to have a good bang-for-the-buck was remodeling a front porch. It not only helps make a strong first impression to potential tenants, it actually makes for a better living space over all.

Making over a front porch doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Sometimes all you need are a few quick fixes to make a big impact. This front porch felt like it needed a new life. A door was a bit dark, the bench was bit tired and the light fixture wasn’t quite the scale and, most importantly, the column was rotting at the bottom, so we knew we have to get that fixed.

We began by priming and then painting the front door with a nice shade by Beauti-Tone called Demi, a shade which is a bit softer than Chartreuse. We decided to give the old hardware a new life by painting it out in a matte black [?] coats spray paint. The trim needed a bit of a touch-up, so we used Beauti-Tone’s capture color matching system to get an exact match of the existing paint.

This gadget is actually really cool. It allows you to color-match anything in your home to the closest Beauti-Tone shade and you can borrow it at any local home hardware. When DIY-ing, you need to know when you can tackle a project yourself and when you need to call in a professional. And because this call was a bit of an undertaking, we called in our friend, Trevor.

To fix the column, Trevor began by removing the rotting base and replacing it with pressured treated wood. He then reinstalled the column and to finish it off, he placed an aluminum cap from Home Hardware around the base. Then we switched out the light for a larger fixture with clean lines and a hexagonal shape.

We wanted to add more weight to the house number, so we’ve chose a black backing plate, which contrasted really nicely with the pewter numbers we found. This bench really was tired. Some of the rails that come loose, they needed to be re-glued back together and to protect it from the elements, we decided to give it a fresh coat of paint.

We used a sprayer which was a lot of fun and allowed us to apply a very thin coat which showed off the wood grain. It was easy to use around all of the spindles and gave us that professional look. We took a dull lackluster porch and gave it a fresh new look with a bolt new color which really got the neighbors talking.