Built In Refrigerator Review

Built In Refrigerator ReviewToday we’re going to be looking at the Focal Point / built-in Fridge Freezer. The great thing about built-in appliances is that they blend in discreetly with your existing kitchen style. So let’s take a look inside.

The door feels solid and has a good seal. It’s also reversible so it can be hinged on the other side depending on the layout of your kitchen. Now this fridge has a huge 198 litres of capacity so it’s perfect for a family that wants to stock up on their weekly fresh food shop. There are four people in my house and we’ve got a fridge like this and there’s plenty of space to fit everything we need; the children’s lunchboxes, bottle of wine, fruit, yoghurts, poultry and meat.

I do like the number of practical storage options. In the door there’s your typical space for dairy products, condiments, eggs and cheese, ..and of course plenty of space for tall bottles of milk or juice – very important.

Moving to the main part of the fridge, you can see it’s clearly lit by modern and bright LED lights positioned at the top which illuminates the whole fridge. LED’s are much better than standard bulbs because they’re a lot brighter, more efficient and they last a lot longer.

With adjustable shelves that you can move up or down, you have a great deal of flexibility which will allow you to store those sometimes awkward large items like a birthday cake for that special celebration. As you can see the shelves are very substantial and feature an edge lip to contain any little spillages.

At the bottom there are two salad boxes ..and I think that’s really handy because you can separate your fruit and vegetables.

One of the really neat things about this fridge freezer is that it features twin thermostats – meaning you can separately control the fridge and freezer temperatures. You can even turn one off if you want to. The two lovely electric blue LED displays are the controls at the top of this appliance – it looks so modern. Simply set the temperatures clearly in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit – very simple. I prefer this to the plastic rotary dials with  to  that you get on other models. What does that mean? I never know if  or  is supposed to be colder! But with this appliance you know exactly the temperature of your fridge and freezer. Ideally we recommend that you set the fridge to  degrees Celsius and the freezer to minus  degrees.

Moving down to the freezer… The freezer has a good 68 litres of capacity, that’s pretty decent for a medium size family and there’re 3 drawers which will help you be really organised with your food. Having clear fronts is also really useful so the kids can see where their ice cream is before opening. All the drawers glide out nice and smoothly, they’re all very light and easy to grip with the handle at the front. They can all also be removed so you can put your food shopping away a little easier.

Now looking at the energy rating scale which ranges from A+++ to D, with A+++ being the most efficient. This appliance has been awarded A+, which makes it an ideal purchase because it’s cheap to run. Please make sure you check the dimensions before you purchase. Thank you very much and I hope you found this review helpful.