Basic Washing Machine Repair – Washer Not Agitating, Spinning or Draining

Today we’re looking at a that’s been giving us problems by not agitating, spinning or draining properly.  So with a little time, patience and the help of a bit of good ol’ fashioned Las Vegas appliance repair knowledge from, we should be able to fix this washer and get it working again.

To complete this repair for the agitator dogs, you’ll need a ratchet, socket extension and seven sixteenths socket. It’s a Whirlpool top loading washer, client stated; agitator not moving properly, unit stops at the rinse cycle and it won’t drain or spin.

So what we’re going to do is just go ahead and move the timer into just the spin cycle and see what happens.

Obviously it’s on the spin, we’re not getting any function at all as far as the agitator’s not functioning properly, the agitator itself, the upper portion here, from here on down, it should only move in one direction. It’s got gears to prevent it from moving in the opposite direction.

So we go ahead and obviously we’re just spinning everything counter clockwise, we’ll go ahead and spin it clockwise and it spins that way as well. So what happened is the gears that are inside of here just wear out and that prevents from functioning in the proper way.

So to fix this machine today, what we’ll need are agitator dogs and piglet switch.


Before beginning any repair, always be sure to disconnect the power to the appliance. It is also recommended to test the outlet for the proper voltage. Remember to also turn off the water.

First thing I’m going to do to get the agitator is I’m going to take the fabric softener dispenser off; you just grab it and pull it out.

We set that to the side, now, underneath here there’s a little colorless seal which prevents the fabric softener from getting down inside the agitator and we’ll just going to grab it, it’s got like little handles here, I call them handles, they get my finger in it and pull it out.

Now we have my ratchet and my extension and my 7/16th socket, let me go straight down inside this agitator and try to loosen this bolt and its spinning so I’m actually going to have to reach in to the water to hold the base.

Once we got that bolt completely loose then we can remove the agitator. Now it can come out in two different ways. Sometimes you get the whole agitator to come out, other times just this upper portion will come up, neither way, it doesn’t make any difference.

So we just going to grab this upper portion, you can see, today we get the whole agitator. We’ll go ahead and just kind of shake any excess water then we’ll actually just going to go ahead and set it on the floor to this upper agitator.

So we have the agitator down here. So what we’re going to do is just kind of jab this end on the sides, we’ll going to grasp the middle piece and pull straight up. Just be careful not to get too close, sometimes it’s kind of hard to get off and might fly u at you.

This one came off easily. I’m turning this upside down and all of our important stuff comes out in our hand. And one thing we need to pay attention to when putting back together is the tab here and another tab here.

Sure we’ve got the two tabs, one at the top and the bottom here. Set that down and I’ll show you and I’ll show you what they correspond with. This here is the bottom, you wouldn’t see this and you’d see it from the top side, when you’re normally taking this out, in and out.

There is the slot and there is a slot. That was what we going to align up with the tab. Okay now we’re physically going to replace the .  So once you’re in here and there’s supposed to be little T-pans on the side here which will completely wore off. We just going to turn this upside down, kind of slide them out, shake them, you want to get them out.

You want to make sure that in here there’s no sometimes they break apart and you’ll have a piece of that that will prevent you from getting a new dog in there. So we don’t have that issue so we’re going to take our new agitator dog and just drop it in, they all going to fit in there one way, so just going to go around and place all four.

We got our old ones then we’re ready to install our agitator. So we have our base of our agitator and add those two tabs on it that I pointed out, we’re just going to set it on top of the transmission shaft. It’s grooved so it only fit on one way and then we’ll push it down all the way.

And now we’re going to insert the agitator dog holder inside that upper agitator. So what I’ll do is I’ll take my socket with my extension on it and just put in this fashion here and it could drop at no big deal and we’re going to set our agitator dogs in their holder on top of this so that way it’s kind of in place, center it the best you can.

Now if I will be turning this upside down this nut will fall out of my socket and the dogs would fall out, that’s no good. So we’re going to take this here and then we’re going to take our upper portion of the agitator, slide it together and we’re going to look through the bottom end and make sure that we get it all positioned and then we peek through the top and make sure that everything looks okay which we have here.

So now we’re ready to go ahead and install this on to that lower agitator. So now when we go to drop this down like I said, we’re going to line up our slots in our agitator dogs up on these tabs then we’re just going to lower it down then get positioned, kind of holding to the upper portion and lifting up gently as to not let those agitator dogs fall out of position and now we’re just kind of try to tighten everything down.

We have that all tighten down, we’re going to take our little sealed piece we removed out earlier, we’ll just going to drop that in place and then I’ll just use my socket extension just to make sure it’s down all the way.

We’ll have to push very hard, we’ll have to take our fabric softener dispenser too, just push it down until it locks into position and give it a test run and make sure that everything functions as it should.