Refrigerator Repair With Tucson Appliance Repair – Changing The Damper Set Up

We decided it was time to change the damper set up on our GE fridge in the fresh food section, so we called in a favor from our friends at the best appliance repair Tucson ( to make sure we did it right.  There exists a new component right here that we’re going to be putting in. So, we will go ahead and open up the refrigerator door, we have removed the top shelf for ease, first thing we are going to do is remove this panel here in the back so we are going to grab this panel here, move that out of the way.

Up from the filtration system, you’ll find a covering and we will press that and take away this too, okay, now we will get rid of this thing that’s over the light, there exists an attachment point on this site at the very top middle in front. I will go on and take that part out, then with this out, you are able to put the lighting include away. With this uncovered, there exists a Phillips screw that you’ll need to get rid of right here, so we’ll go ahead and take that out.

With that free, we are able to eliminate our guard for the light. Up listed here is a attach towards the bottom right here, we will need to take it. With that out, our dispenser damper set up is free therefore we can draw it lower and taken care of. There exists a wires utilize, we will disconnect it and today we now have our damper set up inside and out there you will see what triggered the issue.

The small dark doorway which was meant to be repaired is damaged and it is just laying sideways or uneven. Within our substitute component, you will see the doorway is repaired and it is shut. In order to make this work, when we install this, this isn’t going to stick it out far enough to hit that sidewall up there so air could get out around it so I give you this accessory piece that has some tape on it so we are going to start with that, just remove the inside portion that is of no use, peel the tape, ok.

Essentially, I am just likely to place it correct to the component that is currently there and it is really smooth and what which will do is produce a great seal off facing the wall structure so no atmosphere escapes round the part. So, we are going to go ahead and put this into position, going to connect our wiring first and then hold it in position and I will start with the bottom two screws here just to get it where it needs to be.

Okay, we now have the brand new a single that is located in location what exactly we will do is begin the bracket that supports the lighting fixture in position. I will place this about my protect, therefore we obtain that with each other, now we are able to begin placing our anchoring screws in position in right here, I will try to begin with the front side. So, we got the front two in, now we can get the back two which should be easier.

Okay, that is in, I will place the lighting include, place the attach in this keeps it in position, include for my filtration system as well as the base include right here that conceals our wires and after that lastly we are going to be placing our rack way back in.